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The last season was phenomenal. Many documents were Broken and it’s prompted some idea about what other, slightly wackier, planet records poker players have handled – so here is our best 3:

  1. World’s Largest Strip Poker Tournament

There is a listing for the folks to play strip poker! Wouldn’t there be?

It had been put back in 2006 by Irish bookmakers Paddy Power, if they constructed 196 uninhibited souls (that is about 195 greater than my complete!) In the Café Royal in London. John Young emerged victorious, using a towel letting him hold the trophy!

  1. World Record Poker Chip Flip and Catch

Let us begin with an Unofficial one — and also something that your author used to try as a bored adolescent milk delivery boy back in Scotland, together with (other people’s!) Real cash.

The Purpose of this game will be to balance While many chips as you can in your own elbow, and turn your arm around, till they fall into the floor, grabbing them.

Twenty six processors? Just how many do you think you can afford? (Incidentally, do not aim your elbow in doorways, TV displays or tiny kids!)

  1. World’s Largest Home of Cards

I have handled nine (using adhesive and a basic gun — that is enabled right?) But in 2007 Bryan Berg constructed — then hammered — a gigantic card tower, having already accepted the world record for the greatest house of cards in a whopping 7.86 m (that is 25 ft 9 7/16 inches!)

Why Trample it? As Bryan says,”. .it’s trendy” — and it dispels all of the rumours about falsities (err, glue and staple guns anyone?) . See and weep!

Esther Holmes