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Just about everyone has heard a few crazy casino myths. From troubling stories to disturbing accusations, a book could be written about the myriad of persistent myths. But is there any truth these stories, are all they all just complete nonsense?

The short answer is that, yes, most of these stories are probably nonsense. Before we even get to the individual stories, let’s put a few things into perspective. Casinos, online and land based, are vigorously regulated. Independent authorities closely watch over gambling establishments, perform regular audits, and are keenly on the lookout for irregularities. In this environment, what sort of nonsense could any business get away with?

Casinos Pump In Oxygen

The most bizarre first, an urban myth exists that casinos in Las Vegas pump extra oxygen into their facilities. Why? Because, apparently, the extra oxygen keeps players wanting to gamble. It shouldn’t have to be said, but this myth is just silly.

It can only be guessed at how complicated and logistically difficult it would be to make such a thing possible. How, it can only be wondered, would the building contractors justify the multi-million dollar systems? Systems designed to uselessly pump extra oxygen into enormous structures? Most casinos are air-conditioned, everything else is just nonsense.

Casino Games Are Rigged

Perhaps the most common myths is that casinos, online and land based, rig their games. It is near impossible for any casino to offer unfair games. Not only do the already mentioned audits and regulations keep casinos completely fair, but again the logistics involved would be ridiculous.

How would an operator even rig a game? What would be the conditions involved? Are croupiers bribed? Are there special on/off rigging switches in carefully designed online games? The reality is that casino games already have a house edge, so there is absolutely no reason for a casino to rig any of the games. In fact, with promotions like an online casino welcome bonus gambling sites are staggeringly generous, as opposed to being devious.

Casino Games Have Hot Streaks

Another stunningly popular myth is that games, slots or otherwise, have hot and cold streaks. It certainly seems like games pay out in patterns, but the reality is complicated. Casino games operate on probability, which means that they are as likely to pay in any given moment as they always are. Sometimes this means streaks of wins, sometimes this means streaks of losses.

Gambler’s Fallacy is the belief that if a win has not occurred, it is now more likely to occur. Or vice versa. This is not how probability works.

The House Always Wins The house always wins or does it? Given that the games have a house edge, this mean that casino always wins 100% of the time, right? It is true that the games have a house edge, and thus, over a period of time the advantage eventually goes to the house. On the other hand, if you win, make a profit, and leave, the house hasn’t won, has it? It’s as easy as that, and down to the individual player.

Esther Holmes