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Football bets have been on the up in recent years due to more of us looking to try and make some money whilst betting on our favourite teams. Many gamblers are heading to online casinos to place their bets with independent casinos UK providing uk independent casino sitesthat are becoming popular choices for gamblers to visit during the football season and whilst the season isn’t running due to there being lots of games to choose from to keep them occupied.

Football betting

Football betting has quickly become the most popular form of sports betting with millions of us placing football bets each week with football matches being shown on tv each day of the week. The season so far is one of the most popular in football history with some great games taking place each week which is encouraging more sports fans to place football bets on the teams that they think will win.

With there being football matches on most days of the week you can see why more football fans are placing football bets as they constantly have games to place their bets on and with the world cup in Qatar in December, we can only expect to see more sports fans looking to try and win some money on their favourite countries and the country that they think will win the world cup.

What football bets are being placed?

Gone are the days of just placing a bet on the full-time result and incomes tools such as the bet builder which is allowing gamblers to build their accumulator with a large selection of different betting markets to help them build a better odds accumulator. Tools such as the bet builder have helped football betting to go to the next level with football fans loving the fact that they can build their bets with different selections such as what player will score a goal or how many corners there will be in a match.

Both teams to score or over 0.5 goals in a match have become popular bets to be placed as well due to these options usually being quite close to landing each week with there being so many games on there are always goals across the different leagues.

There should now be a clearer understanding of football betting and what football bets have become popular in recent seasons.

Esther Holmes