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Do you love a good game of Bingo, but you’re after a similar game? Then you’ve come to the right place! There is a variation of the game known as Slingo and it is hugely popular in the UK! It’s actually known as the brother of Bingo, and some people prefer this version! Would you like to play Slingo at barbadosbingo.com? Then make sure you keep reading for our gameplay guide.

What is Slingo?

Let’s begin at the very beginning as we answer the question: what actually is Slingo? Well, it’s essentially a combination of the variation 75 Ball Bingo and an online slot. A lot of different online casinos carry this game due to the demand and popularity from players, and the rules are pretty easy to follow once you’ve got the hang of them! You play it over a 5×5 grid and there are also reels that you’ll be used to seeing if you play a lot of online slots and it’s a nice combination between the two.

How do you play Slingo?

So how do you go about playing Slingo? To begin the game you’ll need to begin spinning the reel at the bottom of your screen and there are usually a maximum of 20 spins per game. You’ll need to place your bets before you begin and these will vary from casino to casino. As you spin the reel the numbers will appear and you need to mark these off of your Bingo card if you have them. And that’s basically it – we told you it was simple! Your aim is to accumulate as many points as you possibly can, just like in Bingo!

How do you win at Slingo?

Is there any way of increasing your chances of winning? Yes, there are! A great tip is to buy extra spins if you’re super close to getting a win, but you need to make sure that this will work with your gambling budget. Another tip is to buy extra spins of the reel and you can sometimes combine this with multipliers to really help up your chances. You should also choose a reputable online casino to play at and always make sure that you stick to your gambling budget.

Final verdict on Slingo the brother of Bingo

Slingo is such a wonderful game to play, it’s full of excitement and possibilities! Players love the combination of online slots and Bingo, as it is something different that has never been done before! Plus the rules are so simple to follow we guarantee that you will be able to pick them up extremely quickly, and beginners should have no trouble either. You can pick an online casino that suits your gambling budget and betting limits, and you should always remember to not go over it even if you’re wanting to buy extra spins because your close to a win. So what are you waiting for? Play a game or two of online Slingo today!

Esther Holmes