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Jackpot is the first third-party app that provides users with an efficient method for purchasing state lottery tickets in the US. Their service enjoys implicit or explicit approval by state lottery regulators, providing transparency while guaranteeing ownership for customers who purchase tickets from Jackpot.

This app also meets responsible gambling requirements by enabling users to set spending and deposit limits per day, week or month as well as age verification controls and self-exclusion features.

Game variety

Jackpot app download offers an impressive game variety, featuring the newest slot machines, video poker and table games. Users can also enjoy scratch-off games, check lottery results online and purchase tickets directly through this app. Furthermore, mobile scanner functionality makes checking top prizes on tickets easy for customers.

This app works by enabling customers to choose their numbers, purchase tickets from approved retailers and submit their selections. After being submitted, the app purchases the tickets on behalf of its user from an authorized retailer before uploading images of all purchased tickets as well as notifying any winning customers of winning tickets. Available across several states and working closely with state regulators to avoid stepping on anyone’s toes, this service offers convenience without disrupting anyone’s game play.

Another fantastic feature of the app is its ability to enable anyone from anywhere to purchase official state lottery tickets from anywhere across the country. Choose from local and national lotteries such as Mega Millions or Powerball as well as your state lotterie games; additionally you have the flexibility of purchasing single tickets or setting up subscriptions.

Payment options

The Jackpot app provides an efficient, secure method for purchasing official state lottery tickets. In addition, you’ll get mobile alerts about new Scratch games, Jackpot amounts and Bonus Draw entries – plus live results updates that work with most Android phones!

The Jackpocket app enables users to select numbers or make random picks, purchase one ticket at a time or set up automatic subscriptions for daily drawings, scan tickets in high resolution front and back and notify users who purchase winning tickets of how to claim them.

Jackpocket Lotto uses a novel ticket processing system to reduce operating costs and is tailored specifically for younger lottery players who rely on smartphones for everyday tasks. All eligible winners receive their full prize amounts; small wins of $600 or less are automatically deposited into Jackpocket accounts while larger ones will be sent directly to winning players’ bank accounts.

Customer service

Jackpocket is an app that enables users to purchase official state lottery tickets online in various states, including New York. The service works by partnering with licensed lottery retailers who purchase tickets on customers’ behalf before sending high-resolution scans of each ticket purchased as proof of purchase and showing their serial numbers.

Peter Sullivan’s application, designed with user interface design in mind, aims to be user friendly. Headquartered in New York with over 100 employees on staff and boasting a broad array of features as well as working closely with state regulators for compliance purposes, is one such example of this kind of app.

The app also provides various payment options, such as credit cards and PayPal, and allows users to join public or private lottery pools – ideal for large prize amounts that exceed state thresholds; winners can avoid the hassle of physically collecting their prizes this way.


Jackpocket lottery app is the first-of-its-kind to offer online lottery ticket ordering and fulfillment, working closely with state regulators to ensure legal operation in each region without treading on anyone’s toes – something other lottery courier services have found difficult to achieve in America.

Jackpocket uses your User Personal Information for prize claims and other services you requested, including marketing communications (with which you may opt-out by following instructions provided in an email). We may contact you regarding prize claims; these communications will always include an opt-out option in their emails.

Jackpocket does not take any cut of any winnings; therefore eligible winners will receive their full cash prizes without deduction. When you win a prize, money is automatically deposited into your account; prizes exceeding state threshold amounts are sent securely for pickup at the Lottery Department. Furthermore, location tracking ensures you’re playing in an eligible region while Jackpocket takes no cut for winnings received as eligible winners will receive full payout.

Esther Holmes