April 13, 2024
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Online casinos have been through a large amount of change over the past few years in order to grow to the current size that they are, many operators have been seeing a huge surge in new players largely through changing demographics and attitudes towards gaming as a whole as sites like these continue to welcome newcomers – but what is it that has led to the recent growth seen in online casinos, and is it something that many can expect to continue seeing into the future too?

Much of the change simply comes from accessibility – whilst there aren’t a huge number of online operators represented on the app marketplaces for easily downloadable apps, the majority of websites set up for casinos are easily accessible through mobile browsers with that userbase in mind and continues to be a reason why new players access these services. With brick-and-mortar locations not always being easily accessible, this has been a key change that has allowed a much larger audience to experience these online genres in a much easier way.

(Image from caixinglobal.com)

 Recent online representation has certainly had an impact too, through big livestreaming platforms like Twitch there has been a growing representation of online gambling and whilst there are some concerns about how prevalent this has become with a much younger audience present too, it has provided a great base for those seeking out an online casino experience and has done a great job at showing off the huge number of features and wide variety of game choices now available too, as many of the biggest services often have thousands of different titles on offer to play.

That isn’t to say there aren’t some difficulties facing online casinos, however, that could hamper growth a little bit – the launch of initiatives like Gamstop in the UK and regulation changes to ban the use of credit cards may have already had a noticeable impact for some and given other changes have been planned throughout the end of 2021 to change some of the biggest games like slots, there are still big changes yet to come. With an overall goal to crack down on online gambling options, these big changes will certainly become more common over time, and it’ll be up to the operators to figure out how to best deliver the changes in order to allow players to keep the best possible experience. Despite this there’s still plenty of room for online casinos to operate, and as numbers grow it makes these changes much easier to make, with tech changes that could inspire the next big step for online casinos with the likes of virtual reality on the way too and the networking change for 5G, accessibility and enjoyment may only look to increase in time.

Esther Holmes